Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why Did You... by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

why did you have to go
and leave my heart so cold

for you i hope and pray
to come back to me someday

i know you care for me
but your life it is not free

never will my heart change
forever in my heart youll stay

can someone tell me why
life can be so cold and dry

tell me why it hurts so bad
when you left me here so sad

my heart just aches for you
such a beauty thru and thru

my arms never got to know
how you felt if we were close

your touch is just a dream
i want it so bad to be

the tears while i sit alone
so fresh but they grow cold

i know that with each day
your memory will slowly fade

but always will you be with me
held so close, just never to be

by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

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