Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beauty to me... by Nathaniel Adam Briggs [Heart Complaints]

Beauty to me is what we used be,
And that wonderful smile that you shared,

When I made you laugh, oh I want it all back, 
So that I can show you how I care, 

All the sweet memories and the waiting to see, 
The most beautiful girl in the world, 

Fill my everyday as I hope and I pray, 
That one day I can show to you girl, 

That you mean everything, you're the summer and spring, 
You're in every way my true destiny, 

A future together for ever and ever, 
The happiest man I would be, 

The most beautiful babies and no it's not maybe, 
Together we would always have,

With your wonderful smarts and a touch of my art, 
An army of beauty we would have, 

I'll always think of you, so much I adore you, 
Such a wonderful life we could have, 

With one single chance, I'll show true romance, 
As God is my witness, Forever my princess. 

-nathaniel adam briggs-

heart complaints

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