Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Endless Parade... by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

the endless parade goes on through
while the only one to matter is you

in step and in line with them all
watch my eyes as i begin to fall

an unknown princess of bright light
shinning on me is her every sight

feeling unable to move from this view
within the fever grows that you sew

every step she takes calls to me
every motion from her sweet purity

with your calm gaze cast i shake
closer to my face is all i wish to make

like soft silk and rain she envelopes me
touching just enough to allow me to see

her intoxicating nectar so abound
sleep could i never where she is found

passing through my heart with such ease
aware is she of every touch to please

simply breathless when in her very midst
addicted to forever, left a simple wish

by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

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