Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beating Deep Inside... by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

beating deep inside me
lays an empty heart with you gone
now only with memory
i must go on

i remember every embrace
and every smile that lit up your face
not one moment goes by
without you

so many days have lingered on
with only me singing you this song
hoping you would come to see
what you mean to me

no matter if i say i do
i know you're gone and we're through
still my heart calls for you
it's true

does the heart lie or is it dumb
or just something that misses someone
can you tell me baby
what to see

tell my heart we are through
tell it that it means not to you
cant you see who i am
a loving man

still no words can i combine
even though i still seek to find
to define what you meant to me
all of me

never will this heart of mine
rest easy without you by my side
just sleepless nights abound
with you not around

by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

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