Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Having Tasted The... by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

having tasted the treasures of your kiss
left to expect, yet you remain only a wish

looking over my shoulder to before you
seems like hell, why did i have to meet you

stung by your gaze, im left with nothing
just taunting memories of the sweetest being

how to quench the ache within me
to what end is your memory

forever inside your haunt remains
churning my heart with elusive pain

how i yearn for the simplest touch
yet anything from you is simply too much

strive to block these feelings i do
not even begun and yet it is through

silently tearing into my heart
is time for me, while we are apart

erase from me your face so pure
for without you i can no longer endure

someone from me, take this memory so sweet
for with it i fear, never again shall i sleep

by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

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