Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nude Biking by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

why... WHY! Why? are there not more (or any) completely hot women riding with these folks Downtown Los Angeles in the Annual Naked Bike .. event.. thing.

I think it's only fair that if you ride a bike... naked.. you should be both female.. and basically well worth the view.

Nathaniel Adam Briggs, Complaint #298

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Old Artwork 2001 | Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Just some old artwork from when I worked as an artist....

How To Ask for 5 Million Dollars | Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Back... before the dawn of mankind.. or maybe it was just several years ago - whatever.  I ventured out to save the 50+ generation, and authored (previously SeniorsGrandCentral).

I rebranded it because funny enough, I challenge anyone to find me a social status representation like "Senior Vice President" or "Senior Head Honchor" that isn't negative... like "Senior Citizen".


It's got it's own stigma, it's cold, and smells a little funny.. like grandma'  But I digress.

Watch as I ask for 5 million dollars ( is down, and was started with 32 million dollars).  I never got the money... and yes...I did film this without pants on.

tee hee

Nathaniel Adam Briggs, Complaint #12 - No One Gave Me Money, but eGenerations beat Eons ($32MM)

Nathaniel Adam Briggs | Actor Complaint #199

If you can manage to get through it, here's my network television debut...

...can't say it's a bad gig for my job to cuddle up next to Playboy Cybergirl of the Year Breann McGregor

Kidnapped in Yemen - Travel Channel

Click to watch a short version of my episode

Can't complain too much...

iPhone Anti-Cheater by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Coming soon to an iTunes account near you....

Nathaniel Adam Briggs, Don't be complaining once you download it

Artwork by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Assorted older works...

Got Complaints?

Hangover by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

I think I was hungover in this one.. somewhere in Tempe Arizona around 2004..ish

Nathan Briggs, Professional Complainer

Hot Women by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

There's really not a lot to say here...

Nathan Briggs, Isn't Single Right Now.. Complaint.

Blue Horns by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

I'd like to speak with someone in the Humanoid Delivery Department because.. I.... had ordered a horn.. yet.. do you SEE any horn?


You do not.

Very upset by all of this I am.

Nathan Briggs, Hornless Complainer

Character Artwork by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

I love the following artwork, but hate the fact I must ruin it by watermarking it all over the place to post it..


Nathan Briggs, Complaint Artist

Mobile / Tablet / iPad Cornucopia by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Just an assortment of iPad applications I've produced....

syntheticMagic Advanced Business Services | Mobile Services

iLuv Drawing Series - Core Code 

Is He a Douche? - Full App

Boater IQ - Full App

Is She a Flake - Full App

...and mannnny boring Business Performance / Enterprise Applications

Nathaniel Adam Briggs, Mobile Complainer

Flaky Women by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

OK, so... you talk to a girl.. it goes so well you drive 40 minutes in a direction you've never been (new to Los Angeles), and meet a girl for a movie.. first date.  Goes well.. hand movements are... creative.. after movie coffee... talk talk talk for the next week.. and she sends you this.. (See Below)

Then TOTALLY flakes out!
No Reply 1 HR later... No Calls.. Nadda!

This little experience spawned the "Is She a Flake" iPad App on the App Store.. yes, I wrote it for the heck of it.

Is She a Flake?

Nathan Briggs, Shafted on Second Date Complaint

Downtown Los Angeles by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Here's an early shot of DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) I took with an iPhone 4 at about 5AM after/during some rain.

Not too shabby eh?

It made a great print! (I possess a 60" Wide Format Printer...for no good reason what so ever)

Nathan Briggs, Complaintless at the Moment

Alien Fruit by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Where is the guide book for eating this Alien Fruit?  Anyone?  Bueller?!  I think I got them out of season because they were all kinda' bland.. but.. they look cool.. perhaps that's all that matters,

Nathan Briggs, Fruit Complaint #1

Headshots by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

It's always nice to get headshots, not know what in the hell you are doing, and find out later, that the lighting reflected around to make you look like a red head.

Mother will be so proud.

Nathan Briggs

Nathaniel Adam Briggs