Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Town Is... by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

the town is all ours tonight baby
lets celebrate, and don't say maybe

you and me, lets go dance the night away
fun is the only game we must play

lets find a way to outlast the moon
drive my heart wild, you will i presume

i'll follow you if you follow me
the nights all ours, lets set ourselves free


slender sexy and fine is she
that walks closer and closer up to me

no need for words from either of us
the night is young and we're in no rush

so close you are but yet to touch
her breath on my skin i love so much

our bodies fit so perfectly together
can't help but smile when we feel each other

come deep with me baby into the night
against each other we belong tonight

lets let the music move us all night long
theres no way we can do this wrong

by Nathaniel Adam Briggs - Heart Complaints

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