Friday, March 1, 2013

How To Select a Contractor 101 by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Your project is a part of you, it’s your baby! So when evaluating potential contractors look for signs they understand this because that’s an indicator of quality, and customer service.
Cuz, it’s YOUR baby!
No one expects bad results, or poor communication.  We by nature have the best intentions, however if this always was the end result, the world would just be a different place. Right?
So, prepare a basic check list of items when reviewing contractor candidates:
1. Did they ask a full spectrum of Why, When, What, etc?
2. Did they mention Customer Service at all?
3. Did they communicate concisely HOW they can help you AFTER you spill the beans?
4. Did they talk about return customers?
5. Do they have a plan beyond the initial conversation to gain details of your project? Is it concise?

My late grandfather long ago told me, “Son, the biggest problem in the world is communication.”  At the age of 16 it meant very little to me, but at 37 I completely understand the experience, and wisdom that comment embodied.  Communication is required for both you, and the contractor to be on the same page, otherwise your “baby” may come out with three arms or worse, one.
Taking it a step further, the substance of that communication is an indicator of their project handling, and organization.  If they this is not their first rodeo, they have worked out methods of obtaining information concisely to ensure the handling of your project will be as smooth as possible.
You should feel as though the contractor is holding your project with the same care as you do.  Any feeling less than that will certainly be a ripple now that becomes a wave later one.
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