Friday, March 1, 2013

Social Marketing & Web Presence by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Social Networking. We’ve all heard about it, but what is it really, and how does it relate to you?
Social Networking in basic form is the concept of Internet powered social inter-connectivity.  Platforms like MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Imeem, Hi5, Classmates, and
a very long list of others comprise a large population of daily users that meet to connect, learn, and explore with one another.  Users utilize communication methods
like Instant messaging, eMail, Wall Sharing, and Comments to communicate, and of course there is the “Friending” (the networking portion).
“Friending” is when you ask to be “friends” with someone else (or they ask you).  On acceptance, your personal social network has just been increased.  Now imagine 500 contacts/friends, or 10,000.  If you post information on your wall, you have a potential maximum audience of all those users within your contact/friends list.
At a high-level, Social Networking allows individuals or corporations to grow close ties to their customers, and build new ones.  Building ties with customers via standard off-line methods can be costly, and time consuming.  Social Networking using the web today evens the playing field in many respects – cost being one of them.
If you are interested in growing your own personal network of friends, then Social Networking (also referred to as social media) may be something of interest to you.
If you are a business seeking to do more business, then Social Networking is most certainly of interest to you.  Less expensive marketing, and customer base increase potential are two very obvious, and value oriented potential paybacks by getting property involved in Social Networking.

Value-Based Web Presence & Social Networking
The Internet boom of the 90s showed a wide range of uses for the internet, however the primary fault, and subsequent reason for the boom turning into bust was because so many developments, and business models were not seated with actual performance.  In basic terms, they didn’t make any money.  They were not value-based.
Today the Internet landscape involves a tremendous amount of inter-connectivity. Connecting an account from one Social Media Platform to another (Facebook to Twitter, etc).  This interconnectivity helps brings together people from the various platforms, and communication delivery methods which if operated properly, can produce a tremendous amount of bottom-line / ROI value.
Each day with our multiple web accounts, social networking pages, and blogs, we all are building what is called “Web Presence”.  A web site for example is simply one component of the Web Presence.
When strategically organized into a direction based effort (leveraging social media), Social Networking / Media, Web Site(s), Reviews, etc all can help build a very powerful Web Presence.
Adding it All Up
Social Media, Social Networking, Web 2.0 – all of these more of less refer to the same movement which is the digitizing of human communication.  There are many flavors, and even more specific features per platform, however they all have a place in value-based web presence creation, and should be explored for individuals, and corporations seeking to gain an edge on their competition, expand customer relations, or just get started with very little marketing capital expense.
At syntheticMagic Advanced Business Services, we’re actively seeking Phoenix, Arizona companies needing Web Design, Development, Social Media Integration, and most importantly – a Value Based Web Presence.
I want to talk to you!  I’ve been known to give free expert advise… so call me on the horn.
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