Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Value-Based Web Presence by Nathaniel Adam Briggs

What is your web presence doing for your business? Is it producing financial reward? ROI?
I’ve been in this business for over 15 years, and throughout that time I’ve seen a lot of snake oil sales, and empty promises when it comes to “internet solutions”.  Keywords, Search Engine Rankings, Guaranteed Hits, SEO – yadda yadda.  I’ve seen & heard it all.
Let me let you in on a secret no one will tell you. If your Web Presence is created properly, much of the above should be included.

So what is a Web Presence? (how’s this different from a Web Site?)
Web Presence” is the proper manner in which to review your integration within the Internet. Your “Web Site” is simply a core component, and it can take many different shapes depending on your businesses required needs at the time.
  • Are you building strong ties with your customers?
  • Is your Web Presence providing value or is it simply another bill you pay each month?
A Web Presence is a holistic / high-level view of how your company is integrated with the ENTIRE INTERNET.  It is defined by the manner in which you connect with Customers.  How you build Brand Loyalty.  How you are viewed.  How you gain New Customers.
It is a whole host of different components that all are custom fit, and managed to create VALUE for your business.
Simply Put.  “If you build it, they will come” does NOT work.
If your Web Services provider didn’t review your business model, business plan, advise you on it in terms of the web, or by default include integration with Social Media / Networking Platforms (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Yelp, Google, Twitter…), then you likely got sold a web site, and now you’re sitting on a nice (hopefully) piece of eDesign that likely will provide you will nothing more than a place to send people on the web.
Web Site design houses are all over the place.  Some create design looking sites.  But do they provide Return On Investment?  I’m not here to talk bad about anyone, I’m just a realist with over 15 years in the business of seeing every pitch you can imagine.  I’ve never sat down with a client that with all things set equal, chose “pretty” over “performance”.
Unless your Web Presence is value-based, and crafted with ROI in mind with specific milestones / goals.  Then you are basically getting fit with a wooden clog when readying for a 10K run.  The shoe does not fit.  The solution does not fit.  You are MISSING bottom line value.  Period.
syntheticMagic Advanced Business Services provides full consulting starting from the base level of what your business is, what it does, where it plans to go, and devises custom fit solutions that build your Web Presence…not just a Web Site.  Anyone can build you a “Web Site” – it takes strategy, and experience to build Value-Based Web Presence.
At syntheticMagic Advanced Business Services, we’re actively seeking Phoenix, Arizona companies needing Web Design, Development, Social Media Integration, and most importantly – a Value Based Web Presence.
I want to talk to you!  I’ve been known to give free expert advise… so call me on the horn.
Contact me Directly:
Nathaniel Adam Briggs 
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