Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How To Ask for 5 Million Dollars | Nathaniel Adam Briggs

Back... before the dawn of mankind.. or maybe it was just several years ago - whatever.  I ventured out to save the 50+ generation, and authored (previously SeniorsGrandCentral).

I rebranded it because funny enough, I challenge anyone to find me a social status representation like "Senior Vice President" or "Senior Head Honchor" that isn't negative... like "Senior Citizen".


It's got it's own stigma, it's cold, and smells a little funny.. like grandma'  But I digress.

Watch as I ask for 5 million dollars ( is down, and was started with 32 million dollars).  I never got the money... and yes...I did film this without pants on.

tee hee

Nathaniel Adam Briggs, Complaint #12 - No One Gave Me Money, but eGenerations beat Eons ($32MM)

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